At a Glance

The Elephant Art Gallery has been offering authentic abstract elephant art since 2000.  Let our website guide you through selecting the perfect piece of artwork.

We offer our animal lovers and collectors the most comprehensive selection of fine art.  Be it something from our value line or a high-quality piece from the gallery collection.  Elephant Art collecting simplified.

-We are not re-sellers. We create every single painting directly with the elephants.

-We offer only genuine, original art painted by an elephant using its own volition.

-Every original painting is produced on quality art paper using quality acrylic paint. For our gallery paintings, it is handmade paper.

-Our price includes free shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

-All artworks bear the official stamp of the TECC and all paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

-We provide a photograph and printed profile of the elephant artist and the mahout.

Discover the Art


Finest Quality

These are our highest quality paintings.  The Elephant Art Gallery team in Thailand works with the elephant during the creation of these works of art. The reason that we have always used only the best materials is because when The Elephant Art Gallery was established we set out to produce real art, for art connoisseurs.

Each painting is created with handmade paper rather than machine-made paper, so as to enrich and enhance the elephant paintings themselves. We believe that quality handmade art paper is a perfect art medium for elephant paintings.  The paints we use are quality imported artist acrylics. We mix all the paint colours ourselves from the primary base colours. These paints will not fade and are specially made for paper so will not cause any discolouring when applied, or over time. You can be certain of receiving the very best quality when you buy from the Gallery Collection.


Own for Less

The Value Line provides an inexpensive route to purchase and collect great original abstract elephant paintings. We created this line about 5 years ago to offer paintings to those with a more limited budget.  The paintings have been carefully selected from private Thai Elephant Conservation Center stocks that are reserved specifically for us.

The Elephant Art Gallery team does not supervise the production of Value Line paintings.  The materials used (paper, paint, and brushes) are a different type and quality than those used to produce the more expensive paintings displayed in our Gallery Collection.  This line is an excellent alternative for those wanting to get their feet wet in art collecting and still feel proud to own an original abstract painting by an elephant.


This is a small selection of recent customer testimonials and quotations that will help you to understand more about doing business with TEAG. We are fortunate to have wonderful customers who give us great support. Thank you to you all.

“We got our two beautiful paintings last Friday! They are hanging in a place of pride in our bedroom and we absolutely love them. They literally make me feel good. Thanks so much and please send our thanks to the artists!! If I could buy them a treat I would like to.”

Elizabeth and Len Sullivan, California

“I just thought I’d let you know I received my painting yesterday and I love it. The colours are gorgeous and perfectly compliment another piece of art I have. Once I have it framed and hanging I will send you a picture of how well it fits in. I love it!! Thanks again for all the effort and the great communication.”

Terri Green, Graphic Designer

“I met many of Australia’s most respected artists as I was growing up. I ozmosed an appreciation for the means of expression as a result of being exposed to their work – and, of course, the work of those they worshiped, especially the French Impressionists.

As a result, I made the decision to buy the Jojo work, instantaneously. It is the first artifact I have bought in well over a decade. I class Jojo’s painting as an essential. The design, sensitivity and balance on the elephant’s part, as are the choice of paper, paints and colours on yours, are extraordinary.”

Robin McQueen, Geologist, Brisbane, Australia