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07| Elephant Prathomsompob

Elephant Artist Wanalee

Artist Prathomsompob (AI) with Pun

Name: Prathomsompob (nickname AI)

Sex: Male

Born: 2007


The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand.


AI is a very clever and delightful young elephant, easy to teach and can learn quickly. If his mahout ever gets angry with him for not doing what he is told, Plai likes to sulk and sometimes also be naughty. He loves to play with other elephants and plays hard with the older ones, pretending he is the same age as them. He adores eating bananas and sugar cane.

Special Story

AI was conceived by artificial insemination by a team of Thai animal doctors, hence his nickname. He is the first elephant in Asia to be born from artificial insemination and only the second elephant in the world to be born by this technique.

He is the first elephant in Asia to be born from artificial insemination".”

Artistic Talents

AI has surprised us with his talent that is immediately evident and unusual in one so young. His style is vertical strokes, gently applied, with some lateral movement both left and right, making long crosses on the art paper. We are keen to see how he develops his style as he grows older and we expect that he will become famous one day.


Plai’s mahout is Pun Jitsok, who was born in 1969. Pun came to the Center as a mahout at the age of 36. He is married to Suree and they have two children.

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