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The Perfect Gift

01 | Ship Directly to Your Friend or Buy a Gift Certificate

A truly unique gift

A truly unique gift

Elephant paintings make great gifts for both art lovers and elephant lovers.

If you have a special friend who is an art or animal lover, then a quality elephant painting would make the perfect gift. There are two methods to choose from.

...a quality elephant painting would make the perfect gift.”

Either Send It Directly To That Special Person

Our elephant paintings can be delivered to any address that is accessible by USPS Priority Mail courier services, including your own address or the address of another recipient. This will help you to eliminate additional postage costs if the person you are giving the painting to as a gift lives some way away from you.

Or Buy a Gift Certificate

Having trouble choosing a painting from our collection? How about a Gift Certificate instead? Gift Certificates are available for any amount. This is the perfect solution if you would prefer your special friend to choose their own painting from our Gallery. Obtaining the Certificate is simple: just go to the Gift Certificate page, enter the value you require and place your order by checking out. We will send a numbered and verified Certificate to you (or directly to the recipient) by email.

"Gift Certificates are valid for up to 12 months…".”

Gift Certificates are valid for up to 12 months after purchase and so can be used at any time during that period. We will bill your credit card for the cover value of the Certificate when you order it and will deduct this amount from the purchase price at the time that a painting is ordered. Of course if you buy a Certificate that covers the full price of a painting, there will be nothing for the recipient to pay later.

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