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Authentic Elephant Art is Special

Each elephant painting from TEAG is an original work of art painted directly onto the paper by the elephant and it is not a print. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the art materials used. This is a vitally important issue when buying a painting, as any serious art collector or artist knows.

You don’t want to see your precious painting disintegrate or the colours fade over time, do you?”

The type of paper or canvas used for your painting and the type of paints used are critical, both to show the work of art at its very best and also in order to preserve its quality for at least a lifetime. You don't want to see your precious painting disintegrate or the colours fade or change over time, do you? So many vendors fail to appreciate this and so they skimp on the quality of the art media in order to cut costs. Not so at The Elephant Art Gallery!

We choose to use paper rather than canvas and to use a handmade paper rather than machine-made paper, so as to enrich and enhance the elephant paintings themselves. We believe that quality handmade art paper is a perfect art medium for elephant paintings.

We believe that quality handmade paper is a perfect art medium for this type of painting.”

Since we started elephant painting in the year 2000 we have used exclusively the white handmade art paper from HQ PaperMaker™ It is very expensive paper and the very best quality handmade art paper. This paper will last 'indefinitely' without changing appearance - it is archival. Although it is handmade and contains mulberry fibre, it is entirely different from the local Thai 'sa' paper. For example it takes 30 days to soak the fibres to make a piece of HQ PaperMaker™ art paper, as opposed to one day for sa paper.

More recently we have added coloured papers – rosso and negro - to our range and these are imported from Fabriano, Italy. These are also superb quality archival art papers.

Specifically the papers we use at TEAG for elephant paintings are:

1. A thick 120 gsm handmade, archival quality art paper that is supplied exclusively by HQ PaperMaker™. This gorgeous paper is white, smooth, naturally deckle edged, acid free, chlorine free and internally sized. HQ PaperMaker™ special art papers are quality papers that have been lovingly crafted and they are the best that money can buy. Size 56 x 76cm (about 22 x 30 inches).

2. Fine quality Fabriano Ingres 160 gsm archival quality art paper. Ingres is skillfully made from a time tested blend of cotton and alpha cellulose. Its high rag content makes it very strong. Two deckle edges give this paper a lovely rich look. Size 50 x70cm (about 20 x28 inches).

As a note of caution: if you are considering buying any painting that uses any non-descript paper or (specific to Thailand) sa paper, mulberry paper, or particularly elephant dung paper, please be aware that these papers are not archival quality art papers and that your painting will not appear at its best and may suffer over time as a result.

The artist paints used by TEAG for elephant paintings

We use international brand name acrylic professional art paints.

We produce real art, for art connoisseurs , not the gimmicky kind for tourists that you'll find elsewhere.”

The paints we use are quality imported artist acrylics. We mix all the paint colours ourselves from the primary base colours. These paints will not fade and are specially made for paper so will not cause any discolouring when applied, or over time.

The reason that we have always used only the best materials is because when The Elephant Art Gallery was established we set out to produce real art, for art connoisseurs, not the gimmicky kind for tourists that you'll find elsewhere.

You can be certain of receiving the very best quality when you buy an elephant painting from The Elephant Art Gallery. This directly affects the value of a painting too and you can read how much the value of TEAG paintings has appreciated over the past ten years in the article ‘How Valuable is Elephant Art?'

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