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When you buy an elephant painting from The Elephant Art Gallery we guarantee value for money. The name of the game for us over the past ten years has been ‘consistency’.

“The name of the game for us over the past ten years has been 'consistency'.”

We have consistently produced only the best quality artworks and always at realistic prices. Their value has increased steadily over the years too, doubling from 2000 to 2003 as the world first became aware of their beauty and then more than trebling again in the seven years from 2003 to 2010 as collectors drove demand for the ‘real thing’

The following shows the annual increase in value based on the average prices of all elephant paintings actually sold by TEAG in the given year:

2003 index base price of TEAG paintings sold that year =100

2004 price index =123 (a 23% increase year on year)

2005 price index =148 (a 20% increase year on year)

2006 price index =183 (a 24% increase year on year)

2007 price index =225 (a 23% increase year on year)

2008 price index =262 (a 16% increase year on year)

2009 price index =289 (a 10% increase year on year)

2010 price index =329 (a 14% increase year on year)

“To the question ‘Is TEAG elephant art valuable?' we can state a clear YES!

So there you have it - a consistent rise in the value of our elephant artworks that has clearly outstripped inflation. To the question "Is TEAG elephant art valuable?" we can state a clear "YES!"

For more information about the value of your elephant painting you may want to read about 'How Can I Spot a Fake Elephant Painting' . Remember, there’s a world of difference between a painting that is ‘a work of art’ and a painting that is simply a novelty.

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